A large expanse of concrete slabs were cracking and this was causing serious concern at the environmental impact of contaminants escaping and causing contamination to a nearby watercourse.
Investigatons centred around the suitability and weight of heavy machinary on the slabs, high thermal gradients and temperatures generated by the process of composting and adequacy of the design of the reinforced concrete slabs.
A scheme of remedial works was put in hand.

The property had been troubled with distortions and cracking over a number of years, and previous attempts to repair had failed.
Upon instruction we reviewed the historical records and the scope of previous repairs. We prepared a remedial scheme which involved demolition & reconstruction of the entire frontage, together with underpinning to the party walls and the attached property. These measures satisfactorily restored the stability of the building.
We dealt with the Design, Contract Administration & Party Wall matters.

We were instructed by the Housing Association to investigate the cause of damage to a large residential care home in North London.
The building had been partially underpinned, following previous damage a number of years ago, but the damage had progressed further.
We carried out detailed site investigations and a three dimensional distortion survey of the building.
Our investigations enabled us to determine the cause of the further movement and we designed a remedial scheme of works in order to stabilise the building.

We were instructed to investigate the causes of severe cracking to the main buildings and to specify a series of detailed investigations and laboratory tests to enable the cause and extent of the problem to be established.
We advised upon various repair options and associated costs.

A private Secondary School in St Albans had difficulty arranging building insurance because of extensive cracking to a number of buildings.
We assisted in the resolution of the problem by investigating the various causes of the cracking and we specified a range of suitable specialist structural repairs.

Major cracking had developed to the Church tower and the Parish wished to install a new and much heavier ring of bells.
We investigated the cause of the cracking, carrying out a structural appraisal of the tower.
A structural repair scheme was prepared that would remedy the cracking and permit the installation of the much heavier bells and bell frame and our proposals were put into a Faculty application to the Church of England.
The proposals were approved and the work was completed within programme and to budget.

Loss Adjusters acting for the Buildmark Insurers instructed us to investigate the cause of cracking to balconies and the surrounding brickwork facade.
Poorly detailed steelwork and brickwork was identified and a suitable method of repair was advised.

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