Contract Administration

KMASS can obtain quotations from builders, provide a report to assist you in selecting a builder, administer the contract, advising you & certifying payments to the builder as necessary, and carry out visits to ascertain progress as the work progresses.

Following each inspection we would prepare a brief report/record of our inspection for retention on our file. During such visits we would inspect the work that was visible and we would take progress photographs.
We would direct the contractor to make good any defects that we were aware of from such an inspection.

Most clients do not realise that inspection of the work at such intervals does not relieve the contractor of his responsibilities under the contract to carry out the work properly, and that such inspections cannot provide any guarantee that the works have been entirely completed in a satisfactory manner.

This is because during an inspection, it may not be possible to see work that has been covered up, concealed or is inaccessible at the time of the visit. Therefore KMASS cannot provide a guarantee that the work will be free from defect, we can only confirm on completion of the works, that we have inspected the work at intervals and that we are not aware of any remaining defects, or list those defects of which we are aware.

If you require, or wish to discuss the benefits of, a Contract Administration service simply advise us when you initially make contact.
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