Building Survey

We shall make such an examination of the structure as is practicable at the time of the inspection, with a view to advising you of the principle failures in the construction of the property and its apparent condition. It must, however, be pointed out that this examination would not cover those parts of the building that are concealed, unexposed or inaccessible with the use of such equipment as we normally carry. Unless you specifically so instruct us and the vendor consents, we shall not move any heavy furniture, raise any fitted floor coverings or remove any floor boards. We shall inspect only those parts of the building that can be seen without damaging the property, its decorations or contents and it must be understood that our report is not a guarantee that all defects that are present or may occur in the future, would be discovered by this limited inspection.

During the course of the examination we would attempt to open all unfixed hatches to roof and floor voids and would carry out such examinations as are possible, by the removal of hatches to plumbing, boilers, and tanks and other areas where the removal of such fixed hatches would not cause damage to decorations or finishes.

Condensation can occur in properties causing mould growth, staining and wet surfaces. This can be disguised by recent redecoration and may only be apparent at certain times of the year. We cannot confirm from our inspection that condensation damage will not occur in the future, however, we will report any such damage as is apparent and visible at the time of our inspection.

Roof slopes would be inspected from ground level or from an available vantage point and we would carry a ladder of some three metres. All parts would be inspected that can safely be reached with this ladder or can be seen from a vantage point within the property or its grounds. The interior of accessible roof voids would be inspected with the aid of a torch.

The exposed elements of all walls and brickwork would be inspected externally and internally as far as is practicable but it would not normally be possible to carry out any inspection of the foundations.

The building services would be visually inspected but not tested by normal or other operation. If instructed, prior to our visit, we can arrange for qualified electrician & plumbers inspections on your behalf and at your additional cost.

A visual inspection would be made of the available manholes and drainage connections, where the covers are able to be removed by us, or if you arrange for them to be removed at the time of our inspection.

The paths, fences, outbuildings and grounds would be inspected and comments made on their construction and condition, so far as this relates to their suitability for their purpose.

Party Wall etc Act 1996

Building works such as alterations to party structures, and excavation close to neighbours’ properties are likely to be notifiable under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

With many years experience, KMASS can deal with all aspects of Party Wall matters having completed many hundreds of residential and commercial projects for over 20 years!

Building Owner (I am carrying out works that are likely to be notifiable under the Act)

Where works are notifiable under the Act, the Building Owner is required to serve notice(s) on the Adjoining Owner. The Adjoining Owner may consent, or they may dissent (or be deemed to have dissented) to the notice(s). We can serve notices, prepare schedules of condition for the Adjoining Owners’ property, liaise with the Adjoining Owners’ Surveyor as necessary and prepare, agree and serve Awards. 

Adjoining Owner (I have received a Notice from my neighbour / my neighbour is carrying out works that are likely to be notifiable under the Act).

If you have received a Notice from your neighbour notifying you of their intention to carry out works notifiable under the Act and you wish to appoint a surveyor to act on your behalf, we can visit your property prepare a schedule of condition, liaise with the Building Owners’ Surveyor as necessary and agree and serve Awards.

Structural Survey

Clients actually do not often require a full structural survey. When a client does not already own a property, full structural surveys are not possible because they involve excavating to establish foundation details and condition, removal of plaster and finishes to expose timber and other structure and such intrusive works are not possible under these circumstances.
At point of sale, the Vendor must instruct such surveys and be responsible for the resulting making good caused by the intrusive nature of a full structural survey.

Most structural surveys are related to specific defects and, often, in the first instance, a visual inspection enables the cause of the defect to be identified, and a scope of remedial works established.

In some instances limited intrusive investigations are found to be necessary and, if required, these would be specified in our initial specific defect report.

Most surveys do have their limitations and specific defect surveys are not a full structural survey but they are restricted to investigating the possible causes of the reported damage to the property and we will not have inspected woodwork or other parts of the structure which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible and we will therefore be unable to report that any such part of the property is free from defect.

The inspection of the property will have been limited to inspection for evidence of the defect. No checks on the adequacy of the structure for compliance with current, or previous, Building Regulations or British Standards will have been carried out unless this is instructed as part of the brief.

KMASS have many years of experience dealing with diagnosis and remedy of building defects and we routinely carry out both full structural surveys, and specific defect inspections and reports for a varied range of clients including Housing Associations, Local Authorities, private individuals, businesses and surveying and architectural practices.
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