If you are satisfied with the proposals and so wish, you may consent in writing.

If you are not satisfied with the proposals or so wish, you may dissent to the proposals. Once you have dissented, EITHER both parties will each appoint a Party Wall Surveyor OR both parties will concur in the appointment of an Agreed Surveyor.

There are distinct differences in the procedures and many experts do not recommend that the agreed surveyor route be followed, although for very straightforward matters it may serve to reduce costs to the Building Owner but, unlike the two Surveyor route, there is no right of recourse to a Third Surveyor and this can make disputed matters expensive to resolve through the Courts whilst offering no benefit to an adjoining owner.

If having received a notice, you do not respond to it in writing within 14 days, you will be “deemed” to have dissented.

If following 10 days after a request from the Building Owner (or their appointed Surveyor acting on their behalf) you have not appointed a Surveyor then the other party will be at liberty to appoint a Surveyor on your behalf and in order that the party wall matter may progress to a conclusion.

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